A committed journey towards our vision

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs), was founded with the determination to make a change for those around us and for coming generations. Nevs is now taking the next steps on its journey towards the vision to shape mobility for a more sustainable future.

The automotive industry is today one of the main contributors to global emissions. Nevs’ aim is to offer people a possibility to fulfill their mobility needs and at the same time make a change for a more sustainable and better future, by providing a truly engaging experience of driving electric without compromises to performance.

Nevs is built on the proud legacy in Trollhättan of innovation, design and a firm commitment to the environment with our highly skilled employees as the company’s greatest asset. The efficient manufacturing process and the world-leading engineering know-how accumulated through years of building Saab cars ensure the quality and the innovation of our products.

We are a flexible and lean team who react fast to the change and most importantly, dare to make a change. Together with new strategic alliances we will have the prerequisites needed to become an innovative vehicle manufacturer, and we are committed to grow globally together with our partners and customers.

When developing our future products, we will take into account the belief that people want to do good and enjoy what they do at the same time – Pure Joy.

Our brand and EV products are differentiated through being a non-mainstream premium car with attitude. Clever and responsive – interactive, practical and easy to understand. With an attractive design for an urban living with a respect for the nature, and an appreciation for the adventure.

Industrial, technological and financial cooperation with existing and new partners – based on commitment, sharing beliefs and combining strengths – along with utilizing Nevs’ existing assets, are the key enablers for Nevs’ future success and global presence.

To implement the company’s vision of shaping mobility for a more sustainable future and to fulfill the commitment of providing customers with an engaging experience, we have since last year been actively seeking cooperation with both industrial and financial partners. These partnerships, taking place by several steps, will form the foundation of the implementation of Nevs growth plan.

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