Cookie Policy

Cookies were originally invented by Netscape to give 'memory' to web servers and browsers.

A cookie is nothing but a small text file that's stored in your browser. It contains some data:

  • A name-value pair containing the actual data
  • An expiry date after which it is no longer valid
  • The domain and path of the server it should be sent to

A name-value pair is simply a named piece of data. It is not a program, and it cannot "do" anything. A Web site can retrieve only the information that it has placed on your machine. It cannot retrieve information from other cookie files, nor any other information from your machine.

As soon as you request a page from a server to which a cookie should be sent, the cookie is added to the HTTP header. Server side programs can then read out the information and decide that you have the right to view the page you requested or that you want your links to be yellow on a green background.

When you access this Website, we will place a data file called a "cookie" on your computer. Cookies help us gather and store information about the visitors to our websites. The use of cookies helps us improve the services that we provide on our website.

Our use of cookies

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit our Website, you may either disable the use of cookies in your browser, or set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie which will give you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it, or to discontinue any use of this Website. However, if you disable the use of cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access all parts of this Website and some or all of the services on this Website may not work as intended.

Cookie Name


ASP.NET_SessionId The ASP.NET session state is a technology that lets you store server-side, user-specific data. Web applications can use this data to process requests from the user for which the session state was instantiated. A session state user is identified by a session ID. The session ID is part of a cookie that is sent to the browser of the user.




Google Analytics


The cookies are stored by websites that choose to use Google Analytics to see how people use their websites. Which means it tracks visits.

  • __utma: refers to the number of times you have visited our website and the first and the last visit times.
  • __utmb and __utmc: contain timestamps of time you enter and leave our website.
  • __utmz: tracks which search engine you have used to come to this website, which keyword(s) you used to find the website, which link(s) you have clicked on within the website and where you were located when you clicked that link.

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